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Below are the slip and fall lawsuits filed in Broward County, Florida listed by day, month and year. Simply click on a link to see a summary of the case for the chosen day.  On the case page, you will find detailed information about the facts of the case including the names of the parties, and their lawyers, the compensation the plaintiff is seeking for his or her damages, and the case style. 

November 2016 Cases
10 Wet Floor in Costco Leads to Slip and Fall Accident
9 Slip and Fall In Whole Foods Leads To Lawsuit
20 Negligence of Fort Lauderdale Leads to Lawsuit
13 Wet Floor in Broward Medical Center Leads to Lawsuit
25 Dirty Floor in Big Lots Leads to Lawsuit
8 Sunrise Walmart Sued for Slip and Fall
12 Flower Petals Cause Slip and Fall in Publix
17 Walgreens Sued for Selling Alcohol to Minor After Catastrophic Fall
 14 Negligence Inside Broward Health Leads to Slip and Fall 
 6 Grains of Rice Cause Slip and Fall Inside Walmart
 5 Walgreen Co. Sued for Damages in Excess of $15k
 3 Slip and Fall in Publix Leads to Lawsuit 
 7 Fluid on Walmart's Floor Causes Slip and Fall 
 9 Wet Floors Cause Slip and Fall in Walmart 
10 Slip and Fall in WINN-DIXIE Leads to Lawsuit
16 Lawsuit Filed After Slip and Fall in Walmart
8 Walmart's Negligence Results in Shopping Cart Incident
 12 Negligence Leads to Slip and Fall In Publix Parking Lot
 6 Slip and Fall in Walmart Leads To Serious Injuries
9 Slip and Fall at Sawgrass Mills Leads To Negligence Action

October 2016 Cases

7 Wal-mart's Negligence Leads To Lawsuit After Slip and Fall
1 Pregnant Woman Sues After Slip and Fall
23 Faulty Scaffolding Leads To Serious Fall
22 'Off The Wall Trampoline Fun Center' Not So Fun After Minor Breaks Leg
17 Best Buy Sued For Trip and Fall
3 Walmart In Hallandale Sued After Slip and Fall
9 Villagio of Sawgrass Sued After Leaking Air Conditioning Causes Slip and Fall
25 Fall Related to Elevator Malfunction Leads To A Lawsuit
13 Tea Incident Leads To Lawsuit and Severe Burns
2 Racetrac Accused of Negligence After Trip and Fall
24 Slip and Fall In Sam's Club Leads To Lawsuit and Damages over $15k
18 Slip and Fall in AAMCO Leads To Lawsuit
4 Superbowl Party Leads To lawsuit For Over $15k In Damages
14 Condo Association Sued Due to Slippery Stairs
19 The Isle Casino Sued For Defective Floor Mat
 10  Flat Wet Floor Sign Leads to Lawsuit
15 Bomba Tacos Sued For Damages In Excess Of $15k
 21  Wrongful Death Action Takes Place After Electrocution Incident
5 Pembroke Lakes Mall Sued After Slip and Fall
6 Walmart In Margate Sued After Slip and Fall
 8  ABC Liquors, Inc. Is Being Sued For Damages In Excess of $15K
 16  Ice Skating Rink Sued After Trip and Fall
 25  Gulfstream Park Racing Assn Sued for Negligence After Fall From a Chair
 12  Family Dollar Sued After Trip and Fall
 1  Big Lots Sued for Negligence After Slip and Fall
 2  Boat Ramp Slip and Fall In Hollywood Leads To Lawsuit
 3  Ice Rink In Coral Spring Sued For Negligence
 4  Husband and Wife Sue Company For Negligence After Trip and Fall
 5  Man Sues Sears Roebuck & Co after Trip and Fall
 21  Negligently Placed Parking Stump Leads To Trip and Fall
 11  Bathroom Slip and Fall Leads To Lawsuit Against The Diplomat Hotel
16  The School Board of Broward County Sued After 6th Grader Gets Body Slammed
 9  Diplomat Hotel Sued For Damages In Excess Of $15k
 10  Pembroke Lakes Mall Sued For Negligence After Slip and Fall in 2012
 12  Woman Sues Whole Foods After Slip and Fall
22 Walmart Sued For Negligence After Slip and Fall
18  Slip and Fall in Fort Lauderdale Airport Leads To A Lawsuit
 15  Slip and Fall in Coral Square Mall Leads To Lawsuit
25 Slip and Fall on Ketchup Leads to Over $15,000 in Damages

 Dangerous Salad Leads To Lawsuit


 Pothole In Hollywood Leads To Bicyclist Filing A Lawsuit


 Debris On Supermarket Floor Results in Slip and Fall Lawsuit


 Newport at Lauderhill Association, Inc. Sued After Trip and Fall


 Lawsuit Filed After Man Falls From Bicycle in Royal University Plaza


 Woman Sues For Compensatory Damages After She Slips and Falls


 Woman Files Lawsuit After A Trip and Fall Leads To Serious Injuries


 City of Ft. Lauderdale Sued After Woman Trips and Falls on Sidewalk


 Man Filed Lawsuit After He Falls From Boat Dock Into The Intercoastal


 Slip and Fall In Dollar General Leads To Lawsuit


 Slip and Fall At A Macy's In Plantation Leads To A Lawsuit


 Target Sued After Fitting Room Trip and Fall


 Lawsuit Filed Against PBPDQ Holdings After Woman Slips and Falls


 Pet Supermarket Is Being Sued After Woman Strikes Shelf In Store


Publix and Edens Is Being Sued For Negligence After Slip and Fall

25  Leaking Roof Collapses On Tenant, Leads To A Lawsuit
 7  Woman Slips and Falls In Publix and Sues For Negligence
 20  Wife and Husband Sue Lakewood Travel Park LLC After Trip and Fall
24 False Shoplifting Allegations Result In Four-Count Lawsuit
13 Winn Dixie Is Being Sued After Woman Slips and Falls
 3  Slip and Fall In Sawgrass Mills Mall Results In A Lawsuit
 1  Woman Sues For Negligence After Slip and Fall and Auto Accident
 12  Man Slipped and Fell At Yolo Music and Sues For Negligence
 11  Lawsuit Filed After Man Slips and Falls On Wood Shavings
17 Slip and Fall in McDonald's Leads To Lawsuit
2  Woman Is Injured After Negligently Maintained Massage Chair Collapsed
 21  Walgreen Co. Is Being Sued After a Woman Trips and Fall on The Property
20 Man Trips and Falls Due To Broward College's Negligence
 6  Shelf Board Falls on Publix Shopper
23 Trip and Fall in Parking Lot Leads To Lawsuit Against Walmart
14 The City Of Hollywood's Negligence Leads To Total Disability and a Lawsuit
 22  The City Of Fort Lauderdale Sued After Dangerous Co-ed Softball Game
 18  Walmart Parking Lot Trip and Fall Leads To Lawsuit
 15  Walgreens Customer Slips and Falls in Parking Lot

September 2016 Cases 

Price Choice Supermarkets Being Sued For Negligence In Slip-and-Fall Case

Woman Sues Restaurant For Fall From Elevated Booth

City of Ft. Lauderdale sued for Boat Ramp Incident

Man Hospitalized After Trip and Fall In Ft. Lauderdale Parking Lot

Wax Paper On Whole Foods Floor Leads To Lawsuit

Woman Sues The Isle Casino for Bathroom Slip and Fall

Telstar Condominium Sued For Negligence After Ankle Injury Occurs

Woman Sues Burger King After Bathroom Stall Door Breaks Off Hinges

Husband and Wife Sue Publix for Negligence After Slip and Fall

Man Sues Three Companies After Chair Fall

7-Eleven Sued For Negligence After Slip and Fall

Sunshine Cleaning Systems Sued After Trip And Fall

Tenant Slips And Falls Due To Landlords Negligence

Woman Sues TGL 305 After Slip and Fall

Man Falls Through Floor In Two Georges Restaurant

Suntrust Banks Sued For Negligence After Trip and Fall

Trip and Fall On Cracked Sidewalk in Sawgrass Mills Mall Leads To Lawsuit

Pembroke Commons Sued After Trip and Fall In Handicapped Parking Space

Young Kidz Academy Sued After Trip and Fall


Source: Broward County Official Clerk of Court Records.

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