Obtaining Credit After Bankruptcy or Bad Credit

Do you need a loan for a mortgage, home repairs or a new automobile but you have bad credit, a low credit score or have filed bankruptcy? Don't despair, there are steps that you can take to improve your credit score and companies that you can turn to, that can help you work through this difficult time. Our resource list can get you started on the right path to getting the money that you need.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns people to beware of companies that guarantee that they can restore your credit and remove outstanding debts from your credit report. The FTC website has a step by step plan to help clean up your credit and increase your score, including contact info and the correct procedures to follow.
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Business Loans
The SBA is an independent agency of the federal government that works to assist and protect the interests of small businesses and consumers alike. While the SBA admits that it can be difficult to get a loan with bad credit, they say that there are government programs that can help. Find a wealth of information about getting a small business loan with bad or medium credit.
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FHA Home Loan
If you have less than perfect credit, you may think that there will be no way for you to purchase the home of your dreams, but this is not always true. The FHA, a division of the federal government offers mortgage loans for those with poor credit. Find information on how to qualify for an FHA loan to buy your new home.
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Need money after you file?
Do you need a loan to start a business, purchase a home or buy a new car but you have a bankruptcy on your record? Don't lose hope; there are options and steps that you can take to get the money that you need from a bank or lending institution.
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Need a Loan?
The fact is that many good people have bad credit from numerous different circumstances. Maybe you have had medical issues, gotten a divorce or your spouse has died. Even after bankruptcy it is still possible to get the money that you need. Get a list of the simple steps to take to secure your loan.
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Fix Your Credit
If you have a great deal of outstanding liabilities, a low credit score or have filed for bankruptcy, you may feel hopeless about your financial future. Bankrate.com suggests that you use this time to be proactive and work on fixing your credit issues. It may take time, but probably not as long as you think.
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Get a Card
Now is the time to start rebuilding your credit, but what are your options? One of the best ways is to show lenders that you are more responsible using credit than you were. There are numerous credit cards for people at all different levels of risk. Increase your credit score and show lenders that you can make payments on time.
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Automobile Loan
What happens if your automobile breaks down or you get in an accident but you have bad credit and can't qualify for a loan? What will you do, walk? There are companies that offer auto loans for people with bad credit. Find the top companies that can help you get the auto loan that you need.
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Apply For A Personal Loan - First Financial
You need a loan but you don't know where to turn. You know that your bank will not give you a loan because of your poor credit issues. First Financial might be able to help you. They offer loans to people with less than perfect credit. Find out if you qualify.
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Get Help
Your credit report has your current credit score, the totality or your outstanding debt and your late payment history, but it could also have incorrect information that is affecting you credit worthiness. How do you remove these incorrect items? When you need help there are place to turn. With no out of pocket expense!
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