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Below are the car accident lawsuits filed in Broward County, Florida listed by day, month and year. Simply click on a link to see a summary of the case for the chosen day.  On the case page, you will find detailed information about the facts of the case including the names of the parties, and their lawyers, the compensation the plaintiff is seeking for his or her damages, and the case style.

September 2016 Cases

2 Men Are Sued For Rear-End Collision

Man Sues Man For Car Accident

2 Women Are Sued For Causing A Car Collision

Husband and Wife Sue Man For Auto Negligence

Man Is Sued For Car Collision

Woman Sues 2 Businesses and a Negligent Driver For Car Crash

Woman Sues Insurance For Refusing to Pay Damages From At-Fault Driver

Woman Sues Man For Car Collision

Car Accident Leads to Lawsuit

Couple Sues Woman For 3 Counts of Auto Negligence

Woman Sues 3 For Auto Negligence

Woman is Sued For Car Accident

Man Is Sued For Auto Negligence

Man Sues Couple For Pedestrian Accident

Woman Sues Business and Employee For Auto Negligence

Man and Wife Sue 2 Men For A Rear-End Collision

Comcast Collision With Lawnmower Results In Lawsuit

Man Sues 2 People for Auto Accident

Mother Of 2 Sues For Car Collision

Auto Negligence Leads To 3 Lawsuits

Woman Sues Woman For Car Collision

Negligent Driving Leads To Uber Lawsuit

Man From Out of State Sues Floridians For Auto Negligence

Rear-End Accident On Highway Leads To Lawsuit

Man Sues School Board For Auto Negligence

Couple Sues For 3-Car Collision

Intersection Collision Leads To Lawsuit Against Two People

Negligent Driving Leads To 3 Car Collision

Parents Sue Company and Employee For Car Accident

Woman Sues Two For Auto Negligence

Rear-End Collision on the Turnpike

Car Collision Leads To Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Porsche Collision Leads To Lawsuit

GEICO Sues Two Women for negligent operation of a vehicle

Man Sues Person and Employer for Car Collision

State Farm Sued for Auto Negligence

Golf Cart Collision Leads To Lawsuit

Crash on i-95 Leads To Over $22k Lawsuit

Couple Sues For Auto Negligence Related To Improper Lane Change

Source: Broward County Official Clerk of Court Records.

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